Rattachai Gym

Train With Rattachai!

Like most gyms, we offer two group training sessions per day. The morning session starts at 8am and the afternoon session starts at 4pm. The sessions usually consist of some skipping and a brief warm up with some shadowboxing, followed by some technique instruction. Students will then do 3-4 rounds of pad work with either Kru Nai or one of the trainers employed by the gym. Following pad work, students will either do some conditioning exercises or some clinching to finish off the session. It’s a very laid back atmosphere.

We offer a variety of training options to allow you to train as often as you want, and meet your Muay Thai goals at whichever pace best suits you.

Note: All prices are subject to a 3% charge for credit card transaction fees.


  • Single Session
  • Full Day
    Allows for up to 2 sessions in a single day
  • 10 Sessions
  • 15 Sessions
  • Full Week
    Allows up to 2 sessions per day for a week
  • Full Month (1 Session/Day)
    Allows up to 1 session per day for one month
  • Full Month (2 Sessions/Day)
    Allows up to 2 sessions per day for one month


  • Single Session
  • VIP Session
    One (1) VIP training session with Kru Nai Rattanachai
  • 10 Sessions
  • 10 VIP Sessions
    Ten (10) training sessions with Kru Nai Rattanachai
  • 20 Sessions

Note: Private sessions are 1 hour in length and are taught by one of our experienced trainers. VIP training sessions are 80 minutes in length and taught by 3-time Lumpinee Stadium Champion, Kru Nai Rattanachai.



  • 10 Group Classes & 10 Private Sessions
  • 1 Week of Group Classes & 3 Private Sessions
    Allows up to 2 group sessions per day for 1 week, and 3 private lessons
  • 1 Month of Group Classes & 10 Private Sessions
    Allows up to 1 group session per day for 1 month, and 10 private lessons